What is a cloud server?

What is a cloud server?

Release Time:2022-06-22 22:08:09

cloud server, also known as cloud computing server or cloud host, is a server commodity in the cloud computing technology management system. its management method is simpler and more efficient than physical servers, and it can help users quickly build more stable and secure applications. reduce the difficulty and overall cost of development, design, operation and maintenance management, so that users can be more dedicated to independent innovation of key tasks.

users of the application cloud server can freely install the operating system on it, which has a very high effect and arbitrary operation and management rights.

the price of cloud servers is moderate, the application is flexible, the safety factor is high, it is not easy to limit database queries, and there is no size limit. all hardware platforms and internet resources are completely private to users, and they have complete distribution rights.

the cloud server is a cluster, and their functions can only be carried out by cooperation with each other. there is no property rights period, and the characteristics and reliability of traditional network servers are relatively weak, and they are very vulnerable to i/0 damage. and its small and medium-sized enterprises and mobile game fields that do not have high requirements for server characteristics.