Characteristics and application of Korean server

Characteristics and application of Korean server

Release Time:2022-06-22 21:52:45

Features of the Korean server:

1. South Korea is a close neighbor of China. The physical distance from China is very close. The connection speed is similar to that of Hong Kong, China. Some routes in South Korea are even comparable to China#s multi-line.

2. A U.S. trade union group once conducted a survey on the world network. The Internet in South Korea is the best in the world in terms of speed and penetration rate. The average speed is 3 times that of Hong Kong and 11.5 times that of China.

3. Korean servers are ideal for browsing in all Asia, and among all foreign servers, Chinese customers choose more. Korean server is applicable: Korean server is also the first choice for web games and various game software. Among online games, it is mainly for Korean online games Paradise on Earth, Eternal (AION), Dungeon, Sword Spirit, R2, Rocky, DNF and other mobile phones Games give service items. Due to such online games in Korea, only local Korean IPs are allowed to start the game.

Therefore, professional Korean players and personal studios in mainland China must rely on the Korean server as a starting point and a springboard to enter the Korean mobile game server.