How is the price/performance ratio of Korean servers?

How is the price/performance ratio of Korean servers?

Release Time:2022-06-22 21:48:13

the actual cost of server leasing in south korea depends on the equipment of the server, and there are also certain differences in the price of each idc service provider. naturally, korean server rental is cost-effective or most important for people. the high cost performance of korean servers is reflected in the following aspects:

1. the access speed of the korean cn2 route, which is comparable to the access speed of the hong kong extreme speed series servers (the type of network bandwidth is the exclusive network bandwidth of the mainland), will be 40-50ms faster than the access speed of the general korean defense series products, prompting china#s overall access speed is a qualitative improvement.

2. strong defense the korean computer room can give each high imitation server a total defense traffic of more than 40g, reasonably resist ddos, cc and other intrusive and aggressive behaviors, and ensure the regular and stable operation of the website.

3. the network bandwidth is abundant and relatively cheap south korea#s network bandwidth is abundant, and all of them are international inbound and outbound network bandwidth. china#s access speed can rival that of hong kong servers, but the price of korean server network bandwidth is much more cost-effective than hong kong.