Advantages of cloud servers

Advantages of cloud servers

Release Time:2022-06-22 22:11:08

the advantages of cloud servers are based on cloud computing, compared to independent servers.

1. from the technical level: cloud servers apply cloud technology, and cloud computing technology integrates various mobile phone software and hardware configuration technologies such as measurement, internet, and storage. a stand-alone server is a separate one, and it is not easy to integrate such resources.

2. from the perspective of safety factor: the cloud server has anti-arp attack and mac cheating, snapshot update backup data, and data information will not be lost forever. the stand-alone server does not have this role;

3. in terms of stability: cloud servers are based on cluster servers, so the redundancy of hardware configuration information is high, and the failure rate of equipment is low; while independent servers are relatively less redundant in hardware configuration, and the failure rate of equipment is high;

4. from the perspective of operational flexibility: users can instantly upgrade their equipment online, and the expandable area is relatively large; while the independent server has limitations in this regard, if there is a new application, only buy another one.

5. from the aspect of characteristics: the cloud server is 4 times the computing level of the same independent server, which can meet the requirements of big data processing;

6. from the point of view of reliability, cloud servers can automatically transfer common faults, which means that if a cloud server is abnormal, the usage on it will be automatically transferred to other cloud servers. dedicated servers will not have this effect, and if they are down, they will be down.

7. from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection, the cloud server is based on the fully automatic transfer technology of cloud computing technology, which means that the utilization rate of the physical server is not high at night, and the automatic transfer technology will concentrate the application on multiple physical servers. the physical server can be in hibernation state, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.